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Custom Prompts

To allow full flexibility, Novelcrafter allows you to create your own custom prompts for the AI to use. This unlocks full creative freedom over the exact kind of prose you want to generate.

Types of prompts

Novelcrafter allows you to create custom prompts for many types of actions:

  1. Scene Beat Completions
  2. Text Replacements
  3. Tinker Chat Assistants

Scene Beat Completions

These take the scene beat, and its surrounding context into account to generate the prose based on the provided idea.

Text Replacements

These are simple text replacements that can be used to replace your highlighted sentences or whole paragraphs to rewrite them. You can ask the AI to expand on ideas, shorten them to increase tension, and more.

Tinker Chat Assistants

These are custom chat assistants that you can use to help you write your story. They can be used to help you brainstorm ideas, or to help you flesh out your characters.