Harness Dreams, Create Wonders

Novelcrafter's got your back, arming you with the tools, tips, and AI assistance you need to dream, draft, and deliver your story effortlessly from start to finish.

The Plan view of novelcrafter

Your Knowledgebase:
The Codex

This personal Wiki is your place to store all things related to your story. It holds information about your characters, places, objects or items, lore and more. Whenever the AI needs to know something, it will look it up in here.

Reference Tracking

It also keeps constant track of all the references and mentions across all your scenes, chats and more. That way you can always see what's going on and what's been mentioned before.

Shared Across Books

All your entries can also be shared across all the books inside a series, so you don't have to copy-paste or enter the same information over and over again.

All the Tools, at your Fingertips


Plan your story with the Story Board, and always have an overview of your structure, pacing and more.


Write your story in the Manuscript view with a distraction-free interface that keeps you in the flow.


Use the Workshop to come up with new ideas, chat with an AI about your characters, concepts and more.


Look over various statistics about your writing, such as word counts, characters per scene and more.

For Planners and Pantsers alike

Doesn't matter if you love to just start typing and come up with ideas on the fly, or have a sophisticated outline all ready to go.

The integrated Codex picks up all the knowledge about your work along the way to support you when it's time to come up with twists and turns.

An example scene beat in the manuscript view An opened codex preview card for a character

A Solid Foundation

Novelcrafter comes with great outlining tools, revision history for your writing, tags and labels to keep track of your work and more.

Don't need any fancy AI tooling? The free plan includes all basic features to get you started.

A view of the chapter card, showing scene word count, the summary and more A list of past revisions for an example scene

Control The Magic

Why should AI writing platforms control how to write text? What if you have a custom model that you want to use instead. How about pay-as-you-go?

In Novelcrafter you have the ultimate control over the AI context, prompt settings - we provide the framework, you control the magic!

An example of the AI writing new prose A list of all vendors to connect to

Hands on with the Workshop

Tinker with ideas, come up with new ones, and get inspired by the AI-powered Workshop.

Whether it's to find the right time-appropiate attire for a your characters, or to get a new perspective on your story, the integrated AI Chat is there to help you out as it pulls from your Codex and writing.

The Chat interface of the Workshop

Bring your own Models

Instead of being locked into a single AI vendor or model, Novelcrafter allows you to bring your own models and use them in your writing.

You can connect to popular services such as OpenAI, OpenRouter and more - even local models are supported! This makes it all the more exciting for those who write NSFW content and need to spice things up.

Your settings are stored locally in your browser. We do not store any credentials on our servers to protect your privacy.


What authors have said so far

My wife and I have been using novelcrafter extensively for about two months. I have full control over the creative process and the underlying models and prompting.

Picture of Corey Ostman
Corey Ostman
Author of Port Casper, Mars Descent, Ceres Rising and PodPooch

The Tinkering Mode is similar to brainstorming with a writer buddy, only difference is this writer buddy is available 24/7 and remembers everything. And, to that, there is this Codex Feature that I am quite impressed with, where I can build out an interactive glossary of sorts, just for my novel!

Picture of Lia Mack
Lia Mack
Author of Waiting for Paint to Dry and Paint By Numbers

I see novelcrafter as a game changer for my writing. That is, taking novels from start to finish - with an emphasis on completion. Achieving this far quicker and with greater visibility than Word.

Ronan Wolfe

Novelcrafter is essential for our company's creative projects. This creative writing assistant provides unparalleled 'under the hood' access to many AI models and their instructions. It enables us to analyze and critique a spectrum of content, from non-fiction and short stories to novels and screenplays.

Picture of Nenita Penalba Ostman
Nenita Penalba Ostman
Fifteener Press, LLC