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Revision History

No one is happy when their work is lost, so we try to save your work as often as possible. It also is quite helpful when you can look at your earlier versions to see how your work has evolved over time and even bring back bits and pieces that you might have deleted already.


The system keeps a history of all your changes for the following items:

  1. snippet contents
  2. codex entry descriptions
  3. codex entry notes
  4. scene summaries
  5. scene contents
  6. custom prompt instructions

Opening the Revision History allows you to restore any version at any time.

You can typically find the Revision History near the field or a context menu next to it.

Scene Actions showing the history items History Button near a text area

Restoring a Version

Clicking on one of the history buttons, a modal with the version history will open up.

Here you can see all the versions that are available for the item you are looking at. Once you select your desired version, the contents pane will show you the state of the item at that point in time. The “Restore” button will replace the current version with the selected version.