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Quick Start

You’re probably quite eager to get started with your novel, so let’s take a quick look the most important bits and pieces.

Step 1: Create a new Novel

Create a new novel by clicking the New Novel button in the top left corner of the novel shelf. You can fill out the form with the details of your novel and click Create to create your novel.

Step 2

Start writing (Pantser)

If you’re a pantser, you can start writing right away. Just click the Write button in the top menu to go to the manuscript. Create an initial scene and let your imagination run wild.

Start planning (Plotter)

If you’re a plotter, you can start planning your novel. Click the Plan button in the top menu to go to the outline. You can either choose to go with an outline (use your own or one of the presets), or plan your story by hand. To so do, create an initial act, chapter and scene.

You can drag around the scenes to reorder them, and you can drag them into other chapters or acts to move them.

Step 3: Fill up the Codex

The Codex is where you can store all the information about your novel. It’s like one big database of all the characters, locations, items, etc. that you use in your story. You can add new items to the Codex by clicking the New Entry button.

If you don’t fill any information, the AI will not quite know what to do, so it’s best to fill up the Codex as much as possible.