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While the AI pulls in data from the codex when generating prose and ideas, you sometimes only want it to know about certain things after they have been introduced in the story. This is where the Additions system comes into play.

Add them to your scenes

An addition inside a scene

You can either use the slash-commands (/addition) or the >> shorthand to insert a new codex addition into your manuscript.

Select the entry in context via the “Select” dropdown. This will associate the addition with entry inside the current scene.

When you now use any AI features, from that point forward the AI will know about the addition and can reference it.

What to include

The additions are for major progressions or changes in your story. They are not meant to replace plot points as those should be included in the scene summaries and/or beats.

Examples for additions are:

  • A character gets married/divorced
  • A location gets ransacked by a local gang/mafia
  • A character gets a new job positon (CEO, manager, etc.)
  • An important item gets lost during shipping