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The Interface

Novel Shelf

Once you’re logged in, you will be greeted by the novel shelf. This collection holds all your novels and is the starting point for all your work.

Your novels can be sorted by their name or their last modification date. They can also be grouped by their series (if you have any) as well as searched by their name.

Novel Interface

This is the main interface for your novel. Here you will probably spend most of your time. At the top you have links to the different modes when working on a novel. Most of these sections have a sidebar that holds the Codex and your Snippets.

Plan (Outline, or Story Board)

Here you can plan and outline your novel in a top-down-view. You can define the structure of your novel by adding acts, chapters and scenes. Use this to take a look at your story to spot any plot issues, character development and more.

Write (Manuscript)

This is where you write your novel. You can use the Scene Beats to guide you through the writing process.

Tinker (Workshop)

While working on your novel, you often need to do some brainstorming, play with ideas, or organize your thoughts in different ways. The Workshop is a place for you to do just that - it’s a sandbox for your ideas and experimentation.