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Chatting with Your Novel and Codex: Unlocking Boundless Creativity

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The Tinker Chat interface inside the Workshop

Have you ever wished you could have a conversation with your novel or get instant inspiration for your story? Thanks to the Tinker Chat, now you can! This powerful tool allows you to chat with your novel and tap into its vast knowledge, giving you new insights and ideas to enhance your writing process.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the features and possibilities of the Tinker Chat interface, and how it can take your storytelling to the next level.

What is Tinker Chat?

The Tinker interface, also known as the Workshop, is a versatile platform that enables you to engage in creative ways with your novel. The Chat tool allows dynamic conversations with your novel. Whether you want to brainstorm ideas, develop characters, or refine your plot, Tinker Chat has got you covered.

Here are some fun ways to use it:

Getting to Know Your Characters

One of the most exciting aspects is the ability to chat with your characters. By combining your own custom AI prompts with the information stored in the Codex, you can have tailor-made conversations for various situations. Need to delve into a character’s motivations or flesh out their backstory? Simply ask your novel, and watch as it generates fascinating insights and ideas.

Plot Development Made Easy

Struggling with a plot point or unsure of your character’s next step? The chat can also provide valuable guidance. Just ask your novel about a specific plot point, and let the AI’s creative prowess take the lead.

World Building at Your Fingertips

Creating a rich and immersive world is crucial for any story. With Tinker Chat, you can bounce ideas back and forth with your novel about different locations and characters, enriching your world-building process. The AI can provide context-specific information, making your world feel alive and vibrant.

The Power of Integration

What sets the Tinker interface apart from other chat interfaces is its tight integration with the Codex and your novel. The AI effortlessly pulls information from these sources, eliminating the need for constant reminders about characters or plot details. Plus, the Appearance Tab within the Codex allows you to keep track of your conversations, making it easy to revisit specific entries.

How to Use Tinker Chat

Using the Tinker interface is a breeze. Simply click on the new chat button in the tab bar, and a new chat thread is created for you. Type your message in the text box at the bottom of the page, and the AI will respond accordingly. You can send messages by pressing the send button, and even organize and rename chat threads for easy access. If you’re not satisfied with the AI’s response, you can generate a new message by clicking the retry button.

Tinker with Codex and Scenes

The Chat interface offers even more functionalities when combined with the Codex and scenes. Mentions of Codex entries are highlighted, allowing you to seamlessly access information about characters and their personalities. Additionally, you can use the Chat to flesh out Codex entries by asking the AI questions and incorporating the provided answers.

With scenes, the Tinker interface becomes a powerful tool for feedback and consistency. By selecting a relevant scene in the AI context settings, the AI will consider the entire scene as context for its answers. Worried about inconsistencies or out-of-character dialogue? Let the AI analyze your chapter and provide valuable insights.

Tinker with Outline

When it comes to story structure and outlining, the Tinker Chat has you covered. By selecting the include outline option in the context settings, the AI gains access to the same details you see in the thread view on the plan page (also known as the story board). This allows for higher-order discussions about structural problems, ideas for fleshing out specific parts of your story, or introducing new subplots.


The Tinker interface is a game-changer for writers seeking inspiration, guidance, and new perspectives. By engaging in dynamic conversations with your novel and leveraging the power of the Codex, you can unlock boundless creativity and take your storytelling to new heights. So, why not give it a try and see where your imagination takes you? Happy tinkering, and may your writing journey be filled with countless adventures!

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