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The Codex Sidebar and a Codex entry as Detail

In the world of writing, organization is key. And when it comes to keeping track of all the essential details of your story, Novelcrafter’s Codex is here to save the day. The Codex is a powerful tool that allows you to store and access vital information about your characters, locations, objects, and more. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Codex and explore why it’s an indispensable companion on your writing journey.

The Codex is like a treasure trove where you can store all the bits and pieces of information that you have in your head about your story. It acts as a central hub for all your essential story elements and helps you stay organized throughout the writing process. From character descriptions to detailed location settings to intricate objects, the Codex has got you covered.

Managing your Entries

One of the remarkable features of the Codex is its versatility. It offers different sections for characters, locations, objects, items, law, and more.

When creating a Codex entry, you can give it a name and add tags for easy reference. Descriptions play a vital role in providing context and details about the entry. You can also include images to visually represent the characters or objects you’re describing. Need a thumbnail of that epic artifact or a visual reference for your main character? The Codex has got your back.

Tags in the Codex help you group entries together and make it easier to navigate through your information. Presets are available to mark your characters, making them easily accessible. You can also create your own tags to organize your entries based on your story’s unique elements.

While the Codex is a valuable resource for writers, it’s important to strike a balance in providing information. You don’t want to overload the AI with too much context. Keep your descriptions concise and avoid including spoilers. Remember, the AI will use the information it finds in the Codex to enhance its understanding of your story.

Apart from the AI’s use of the Codex, there are also some features that are just for you, the writer. You can add personal notes for reference, make references to other parts of your story, and keep track of appearances and interactions between characters. The Codex becomes your trusty companion, allowing you to quickly find information and maintain consistency in your writing.


In conclusion, the Codex in Novelcrafter is a powerful tool that serves as the central hub for all your essential story information. From characters to locations to objects, the Codex helps you stay organized and maintain consistency throughout your writing journey. It enables you to easily access and manage crucial details, keeping your story world rich and immersive.

So, embrace the Codex and unlock its full potential to enhance your writing experience. Happy writing!

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